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To do?
 TO DOJuly 2020LoftPaint plaster boards in loft, fit grey thick carpet, help in setting up 3rd bedroom. All can only be done when loft conversion is finished that would no be before July.
 TO DOJune 2020ConservatoryMight want a small Edwardian conservatory at back to put my cockatiels in. Around 3x3x3 metres. Small bricks wall near the fence on the left, the back would be the dining room at the back of the house, the right is the wall of the bricks extension, the front would then be a sliding door. Edwardian means pitch, no lean back because I do not want to infringe onto my bricks extension.
 TO DOJune 2020House ExtensionNeed to DPC bricks work, create a concrete skirt around extension with water irrigation, no grinding as parrots inside extension, render the 3 walls
 PROGRESSJune 2020LoftMake loft usable space, plaster board, opening bigger hatch from small bedroom, make stairs
 DONEMay 2020ElectricPut new switch and light in the loft
 DONEMay 2020RoofingRevamped side of roof
 DONEApril 2020Outdoor tilingBack garden tiling
 NOT DONEMarch 2020ConservatoryOrdered a conservatory but company cancelled twice, had to go to solicitor to get deposit back
 DONEFebruary 2020ElectricNew sockets
 DONEJanuary 2020Tile and paintPainting various room, retile bathroom
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